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Twizzler – New Project Update!

Do you like candy? We do, and its quite evident in this energetic spot we did for Twizzlers. When we first started the project, we had to think of an approach that would go beyond any previous Twizzler commercial, yet still keep the overall fun and creative nature that they have always had. Our process started by going on location and filming our scenes that would have our Twizzlers living in and did so using a Canon DSLR to obtain extreme depth of field on some of the shots. We then worked on the edit to make sure the flow of the shots worked well together. After this, it came down to building our candy creature both physically and digitally. We made a 12 inch Twizzler man to help with scale and placement in the shots – it also helped us get some curious looks in public. Next, we had the intense task of animating over 150 Twizzlers whether they were standing, running or dancing to the great “Twist and Shout.” In order to get the movements of the dance as accurate as possible we used movie references as well as our animators doing their own rendition, which is hilarious to watch and extremely helpful for their process. Two months later and ahead of schedule, the project is done and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. What we ended up making took blood, sweat and plenty of sugar highs but turned out twizzlerrific. Enjoy!

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